Yesterdays Festival: Mike Roess Gold Head State Park

Yesterdays Festival: Mike Roess Gold Head State Park

     While planning on my newly found hobby to hike thru different parks throughout Northeast Florida, I found out about the Yesterdays Festival, which was being held at Mike Roess Gold Head State park in Keystone Heights.

      When I'm not being DevouringJax foodie guy. I'm Anthony, the guy who likes to see the world. I find hiking helps with my photography and keeping my mind and body in shape. So many beautiful things can be found when you go off the beaten path.

     So the Yesterdays Festival had a lot different unique thinks to look at. There were antique tractors and steams engines, historical military weapons, uniforms and vehicles. It definitely was a step back in time. With how much technology that is around us, I never mind taking a look back into the past, seeing and comparing the different lifestyles.

     The hiking was wonderful. Definitely colder than usual. But it was fun doing some exploring. If you ever want to join me, just let me know. There are many more state parks to go.

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