Bold Pies With a Small Town Feel!

Bold Pies With a Small Town Feel!

     It's the holiday season so everyone is in full pie eating mode. We all have our favorites, from that warm Apple Pie to the oh so tasty Sweet Potato. What is it about pie? Is it the texture you get from the crust? Or Is it the warm gooey sweet filling?

     While we all have our differences in what we crave. What makes it better is when you have that go to place. Well one of my go to places happens to be My Grandmother's Pie. MGP is run by founder and pie genius Allison D'Aurizio and I was really happy to get a chance to sit down with the lovely lady and watch her work.

      I must say, watching Allison work is something special. Nothing like watching someone who loves their craft. Chatting with you and working away. Never skipping a beat, like she's done it a million times. Light, catchy music plays in the background. I try my best to listen and take photos, but either my mind wanders with the music or I'm dazed on how easy she makes it look. And to think this all came about by Allison's love for her grandmothers Pecan Pie, hence the name of her company. 

     Flashback to a couple of years ago, when I met Allison at the Jaxsons Night Market. She had a wood and glass "Fresh Baked Pies" signs hanging from her tent. It intrigued me. She was selling hand pies, which caught my eye because of the flavor. I wish I could remember the whole flavor combo, but the main ingredient was Goat Cheese. Ah, now I remember. It was Blueberry & Goat Cheese. I've had goat cheese in many dishes. But to have it something sweet, like a pie and paired with blueberry. I just had to taste it. It was definitely different. But I absolutely loved it. From there, the fascination for My Grandmother's Pie began.

     To me, what makes her unique is the small town feel. As you can see, she makes her pies in her own kitchen. She uses local ingredients. Allison's like that pie lady in a small town, with pies sitting on the window sill, cooling. I feel she is unique, she's different and she's one of the many local artisans that make me love the small town feel of Jacksonville. I know, I know. Jacksonville is huge. But you know what I mean. 

     Allison is a great person and a human being. She is one of the few local entrepreneurs that I look up to. Anytime I see her at the market or event, I make sure to support. I don't do it to be nice. I do it because you can see and taste the hard work. It's rare and it's genuine.


My Grandmother's Pie


**So if want some of that pie goodness. Head on over to to check out Allison's other lovely homemade pastry treats like Galettes, Hand Pies & Cakes. Also, make sure to get in your Christmas orders by December 20th.**




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