Devouring Philly: My Journey, in & around Philadelphia!

Devouring Philly: My Journey, in & around Philadelphia!

     Good day, fellow foodie followers. I hope you ladies and gentleman are having a great day. So, this past weekend I was in the beautiful and wonderful city of Philadelphia. Which is in the lovely state of Pennsylvania. Why Philly you ask? Well I have been in love with this band called Snarky Puppy, and they were playing at The Fillmore. I saw that they were playing in Philly, so I was like fuck it. I wanted to see them live and I needed to get out of Jacksonville for a couple days. Also, Philly has been on my list of places to visit.

     Me, being Devouringjax. My excursions are always centered around food and getting to know a cities inner workings. My eye is always looking out for something different to show people what it's like to travel. Of course, like I always do, I researched the shit out Philly when it came to it's food scene. I must say I was very pleased with my findings. 

     If you follow the photos below, you'll follow my journey through the city of Philly. You can say I walked a good amount of mileage to get the best of the city. I feel walking is the best way to get a good look at any town or city. It definitely made me miss the hustle and bustle of the city life. Where stores and restaurants never close and if you see a bunch of people out at 1 am, you know it's not anything serious. Just people out looking for some good cheesesteaks and looking for a good time. If you follow Devouringjax on Instagram, you got small taste of my adventures.

     Food wise, you can't go wrong. All the places I hit up were pretty damn good. Mac Mart is a fast casual restaurant that serves damn good Macaroni and Cheese with a plethora of different toppings. What's really cute about them is they're served in Tupperware like containers.

     My favorite foodie spot has to be the iconic Reading Terminal Market. This market houses different cuisines, from baked goods to roast pork sandwiches and all that is in between. Some of my favorites were the Whoopie Pies from The Flying Monkey, the Roast Pork Sandwich from Tommy Dinic's. This market is so damn amazing. It's one of the things I wish Jacksonville could have. A market of deliciousness. You will leaving Reading Terminal very stuffed, but at the same time, very pleased. I visited this market, several times in my four day getaway.

     Federal Donuts has some amazing donuts. They have multiple locations around Philly. If you're into milk tea and boba drinks, Tea-Do, which is in the Chinatown area of Philadelphia is definitely the place to go. For dinner, Moshulu is a great romantic place to go. As stated on their website, she (Moshulu) is one and only restaurant venue on a Tall Ship today in the World. Stepping on-board Moshulu, definitely feels like you're stepping back in time. The Rope & Anchor has some really good Cheese Steak Egg rolls, which is served with a Cheddar Ale & Roasted Tomato Coulis. Those were good.

     Cheu Noodle Bar is a great local place for some kick ass Ramen & Noodles. I went with the Miso Ramen, which becomes with pork shoulder, egg, black garlic, & mushrooms. So delicious!!! I even got to visit the historical Geno's Steaks. Gotta love a place that serves up some delicious cheesesteaks, 24/7. Craftsman Row is a great restaurant with some great food & bartenders.

     For the ice cream lovers, The Franklin Fountain and Big Gay Ice Cream are good choices. My favorite was The Franklin Fountain. It's ice cream with nostalgia. It has the old school ice cream parlor/soda fountain feel. Plus they serve ice cream in Oyster pails.

     But, I would have to say, my "OMG" moment had to go to, Spruce Street Harbor Park. This place has everything you need to enjoy a nice outing out on the town. It's located along the Delaware River and to me, this place is just magical. Floating gardens, tons of hammocks, live music, beer gardens and restaurants (which serve food from shipping containers). There isn't anything not to like about this place. It's one of those perfect date night locations. You can walk, lounge in a two-person hammock, get to know one another. In the evening it gets even more magical, because of the lights hanging from trees. So Spruce Street Harbor Park, gets the OMG Award for this trip.

     I had an amazing trip. If you're looking to get out of Jacksonville and to see something different, Philadelphia is the place. Filled with great food, great history. There won't be a moment in your trip where you're left wondering what to do. I will definitely be back, sooner rather than later. Yes, there are things still on my list that I didn't get to touch. It's such a great city, that even with all it's illustrious history, it has a forward attitude.

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