New Foodie Beginnings at Candy Apple Cafe

New Foodie Beginnings at Candy Apple Cafe

     Good day, my fellow foodies. I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. So last week, I & many other local media, were invited by The Candle Apple Cafe to get a taste of the new Brunch & Dinner Menu. I was really excited to attend this event. Executive Chef Jamey Evoniuk has done a great job with the menu at Cummer Cafe. So when I saw that he was involved in the makeover of The Candy Apple Cafe menu, I was really happy to get a chance to taste the food. Since opening in 2014, The Candy Apple Cafe, has been a popular downtown spot for food & some lovely tasting cocktails. During events like One Spark, Art Walk & Jaxsons Night Market, the cafe has been thriving off of patrons looking to explore their delectable menu or get their chocolate fix at Sweet Pete's.


     I am happy about the new menu items, especially brunch. We got a chance to try the Pork Belly & Cheddar Waffles, which were served with mustard glaze and apricot preserves. Such a rich and savory dish. I have had waffles many ways, but never with pork belly. It's definitely something I can get used to. There are many other dishes that I would love to go back in try. One was the Char Grilled Filet Mignon, which was served with a savory brioche bread pudding that is pretty damn tasty. The other was the Wild Mushroom Risotto. Along with waffles, risotto is also one of my favorite comfort foods. The risotto was cooked perfectly, seasoned well and had great flavor. I have absolutely found another local restaurant with good risotto. If dessert is what you crave, then you will love the Carrot Cake & The Orange Flavored Cheesecake. The carrot cake was very good. Not to sweet and the frosting was very creamy and flavorful.

   I love what Executive Chef Jamey and the rest of the staff at The Candy Apple Cafe have done with the menu. It was definitely time for a change and they (Candy Apple Cafe) along with On Ideas Marketing have stepped up and made those changes. Changes that will keep The Candy Apple Cafe as one of downtown's most popular spots.

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The Candy Apple Cafe & Cocktails

400 N. Hogan Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202

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