Marshmallow Madness Class at Sweet Pete's Candy

Marshmallow Madness Class at Sweet Pete's Candy

Good day fellow foodies, welcome back. I can't believe the month of March is almost over. 2016 is off to a quick start. So, Tuesday evening I finally got to attend a candy making class at Sweet Pete's Candy, located in Downtown Jacksonville. In this class, we learned to make marshmallows. Who doesn't love marshmallows...right?? 

First, we donned an apron and some gloves. Once the class started, we watched and listened as our instructor, April, purposely go over each step & ingredient. She was very detailed on each ingredients purpose and what how it helps out the recipe as a whole. Next we used cookie cutters to cut the marshmallow into Easter shapes. Then we decorated them with ingredients like tempered chocolate, sprinkles, coconut and pretzels. The kids & adults in the class had a lot of fun. One of the best parts of the class, was getting to take our decorated marshmallows home. The class was very hands on and very informative. 

If you haven't gotten to attend a class at Sweet Pete's, then it's a must. It's a good treat for the whole family. They have weekly and seasonal classes that can be booked online or by calling 855-798-7383.

Sweet Pete's

400 N Hogan St

Jacksonville, FL 32202

(904) 376-7161


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