Matthew's Cooking School-Macaroon/Macaron Baking Class

Matthew's Cooking School-Macaroon/Macaron Baking Class

Good day, my fellow foodies. I hope everyone is having a great February and I am glad to be able to finally write again. My cook life has been taking up some time, but you won't here me complain.

Well this past weekend I was invited by M Hospitality to attend one of their baking classes, which is normally held at Matthew's Restaurant, located in the San Marco area of Jacksonville. This specific class covered Macaroons & Macaron and our instructor was the lovely Rebecca Reed, Pastry Chef at Matthew's Restaurant. The class included a short lesson on the history of the confection, a discussion of the difference between French macarons and the more tradition, coconut macaroon and finally a hands on cooking lesson.

Before the class started we were given the opportunity to enjoy some lovely pastry treats, along with some mimosas. They had me at mimosas! Once the class got started, we where on our way to becoming masters of Macarons. I wouldn't say masters, but Chef Reed definitely taught us the ends & outs and some tricks to making some damn good Macarons. We all had our own recipes to look at, while she was demoing. So it made it easy to follow along. She also took questions, if anyone had any. The first hour of the class was dedicated to french macarons & the second hour we learned to make coconut macaroons. The Coconut Macaroon was the easiest to make compared to the french Macaron.  But we all had fun trying.

Chef Reed, did a great job answering questions and making sure everyone got each step of the process. She even walked around and showed how the ingredients look after each step.She spoke clearly and had fun teaching, which made it fun for the rest of us. I definitely will be back to attend another class in the near future. There next class is March 19th and it features Easter Treats. So definitely reserve your spot fast, class space is limited. Also, this class is a great gift for your loved ones who love to bake. Contact Amy at or by calling 904-396-1213, to reserve a spot for this and any other cooking school class.


Matthew's Restaurant

2107 Hendricks Ave. Jacksonville, FL 32207

(904) 396-9922


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